Santa Barbara Mondays

  • med boot camp-300wMonday evenings  •  Nov 25 to January 13  • 7 to 8:15pm

    Have you ever stopped to watch your mind? Chances are you’ve noticed that your thoughts move quickly like a monkey scampering from branch to branch. If you’ve ever tried to slow down the process, you may have found that it isn’t that easy. By getting to know our mind and how it functions, we can learn to take control of it thereby cultivating stillness and inner peace.

    In our busy, modern world, our attention is constantly being drawn outward and it can be difficult to experience a calm, positive mind. When our mind is free from the turbulence of distracting conceptions it becomes calm and smooth. With pure concentration, the body and mind become comfortable, flexible and easy to use.

    All of us long to be able to concentrate and stay focused on what we are doing, but it feels impossible because we are so distracted and so busy. It doesn’t occur to us that we could quite easily, gently and gradually develop our ability to concentrate through a simple daily practice. We can replace the tendency to be distracted with the tendency stay focused, enabling us to extract so much more richness, depth and meaning from our lives.

    In this boot camp, we take a deep look at the methods for increasing our concentration in our daily practice. It is perfect preparation for our January Silent Retreat and a great follow up to our Meaningful Silence Course.