Meditation in Santa Maria

The purpose of meditation is to make our mind calm and peaceful.

  • SM Public Talk Thursday, September 4 at 5:30pm
    Santa Maria YMCA, 3400 Skyway Drive
    Open to members and non-members alike

    By learning to meditate we cultivate the inner causes of happiness—such as peace, balance, and beneficial intentions—that allow us to enjoy any situation we find ourselves in. We are also able to have a more positive approach to difficulties, leading to better relationships at home and work.

    Otherwise, it is easy to develop an exaggerated concern for the comforts of this life; such as possessions, respect, pleasure, praise and a good reputation. In and of themselves these things do not have the power to provide the lasting happiness we wish for. However our pursuit of these things causes us to feel over excited when we have them and dejected or discouraged when we lose them.
    The talk will include a brief guided meditation, a talk, and an opportunity for questions and answers. All are welcome, regardless of belief or previous experience.