Dealing with Fear

"The only protection against [those] fears is the practice of holy spiritual teachings." -Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

    What is Fear?

    According to Buddhism, there is unhealthy fear and healthy fear. For example, when we are afraid of something that cannot actually harm us – such as spiders – or something we can do nothing to avoid – such as old age or being struck down with smallpox or being run over by a truck – then our fear is unhealthy, for it serves only to make us unhappy and paralyze our will. On the other hand, when someone gives up smoking because they are afraid of developing lung cancer, this is a healthy fear because the danger is real and there are constructive steps they can take to avoid it.

    Understanding Fear
    Types of Fear
    Source of Fear
    Protection from Fear
    Refuge from Fear
    Understanding death rather than fearing death
    Fear Associated with Attachment
    Meditation to Overcome Fear