Buddhist Solutions

    Kadampa Buddhism is a very special presentation of Buddha’s teachings. The Buddhist Master Dromtonpa likened it to a golden mala, or prayer beads. Even though a person may feel no need to own prayer beads, because it is made of gold they would gladly accept a golden mala if it was given to them.

    Kadampa Buddhism offers clear, practical teachings that allow us to solve our daily problems. So, even though we may feel that we do not need Buddhism, we can still make use of the advice as an essential method for finding happiness.

    Everyone, Buddhist and non-Buddhist, needs to find permanent release from their suffering and to attain permanent inner peace and happiness. Buddha’s teachings, or Dharma offer solutions that protect us from suffering. How? Suffering and problems are not separate from the mind. Our problems are the unpleasant experiences of our own mind. Often we blame external conditions and try to change them when we feel we are having a problem. In fact, we need to change the conditions in our mind from unpleasant to pleasant – then, all our problems will cease, regardless of what our external conditions are like.